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147/I, Green Road, Gulshan Avenue, Panthapath, Dhaka

About Us

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Years Of Renovation Experience

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We Expand Your Dream

You are starting with a target goal or idea of the project you'd like to see completed. During our scheduled estimate, we will thoroughly explain pros and cons of project and offer our expertise.

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Regional & Worldwide Services

While our base clients are in the Northeast region, we have served clients worldwide.

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Award Winning Renovations

Although we have many achievements, our greatest achievement is our client satisfaction.

Our Company Achievements

Renovation Industry Strength, Global Impact

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Our Team Members

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Winning Awards

Team Members

Our Professional Team

How We Work

Our Work Process

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Step - 01

Project Research

Discover, analyze, and compare real estate options more effectively to make informed decisions with confidence, budget and plan.

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Step - 02

Selection of Materials

The choice is yours as it pertains to materials used. We will discuss your desired look you are wanting to achieve.

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Step - 03

Start Working

Obtain permits, demo, structural work, HVAC, plumbing, electric, insulation, drywall, paint, trim, flooring, fixtures, and clean.

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Step - 04

Finished Work

Before closing the final contract, we will carefully scrutinize all completed work and meticulously examine each detail in order to insure all work meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


What Our Clients Say?